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Curated collection with our long-time client, friend, and one of our favorite actors, Nyambi Nyambi {Mike and Molly, The Good Wife, The Good Life). We bonded over our love of France and the beauty of well-loved items from the past.
Antique French Sign #walking
Antique French sign indicating walking path for pedestrians. Some original rust. Metal 17 1/2 x 1". Paris, circa 1940.
Price $115.00
Antique French Sign #whitearrow21
Antique French traffic directional sign. Heavy metal with rust and scratches indicative of age. Measures 21 1/2 square x 1". Paris, France, circa 1950.
Price $130.00
French Business signs #7adhesive
Plastic signs for restaurants and hotels. New; in original packaging. Adhesive back. 7 x 2". Sold individually; choose below. Made in France. Orders under $25 incur a $2.50 handling fee in addition to shipping costs.
Price $20.00
French Directional Round Sign #parisblue
THREE AVAILABLE. French round directional signage arrows in weather proof plastic. 12". New. Sold individually; all identical. Adheres with adhesive (not included). Paris, circa 1980.
Price $20.00
French Round Parking Sign
Vintage Parking notice signage. Hard plastic, weatherproof, and measures 12" diam. Sold individually; choose below. France, circa 1960.
Price $25.00
French Sign #findezone
Great French classic font. Deep blue on white with original rusting indicative of age on this round parking sign indicating that vehicles are no longer banned from parking in the designated area. Measure 18" round. Paris, circa early 1930's.
Reg. Price $165.00 $100.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
French Sign #nodrinkingwater
Vintage French Sign: Water not drinkable. Metal 7 x 4. France, circa 1960.
Price $20.00
French Sign #recycle
ONE AVAILABLE. Vintage restaurant sign indicating recycling. 7 x 2. Plastic. France, circa 1960.
Price $24.00
French Sign #washingnotice FREE SHIP
FREE SHIP. Enamel French Sign "Notice ("Avis"), twenty minutes should be sufficient to take a bath or shower". Sign from a South of France hotel. With four pre-drilled holes. Measures 10 x 6".
Price $60.00
French St RaphaŽl Quinquina Sign
ON LEFT; RECTANGULAR. Founded in 1830, St Raphael is the oldest French Quinquina in production today. A famous French aperitif found in cafe and bistro culture all over France, particularly Paris. Pre-drilled holes. Sold individually; rectangular on left (right round sold out). France, circa 1960.
Reg. Price $49.00 $32.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
Hotel Services Sign #blue8
Vintage and Authentic hotel room services signs measuring 8 x 8. Hard plastic; old sticker adhesive remains on back. Sold individually; choose below. France, circa 1960.
Reg. Price $42.00 $26.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
Vintage French Produce Sign
TWO AVAILABLE. Plastic Signs found at markets all throughout France; can write on with chalk or pen (used originally to identify the type of produce and cost). Measures approx 6 x 5 with a 3" stake. sold individually. You are purchasing ONE. France, circa 1950.
Price $40.00
Vintage French Sign #taxi
Rare Vintage sign measuring 20 x 20 x 1". Heavy Metal which will require a screw to hang, not a nail. Very mini rust. France, circa 1960.
Reg. Price $260.00 $205.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
Vintage Hotel Signs #blue3
Vintage hotel signs advising of services. Some residual of hanging adhesive in back. Measures 9 x 3. Sold individually; choose below.France, circa 1960.
Price $22.00
French Enamel Sign #BWsig2
Rare black and white enamel building sign. Early 1930's; France. Approx 7.5 x 4 3/4". Medium gauge metal.
Reg. Price $68.00 $29.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
French Enamel Sign #BWSIG0
Rare black and white enamel building sign. Early 1930's; France. Approx 7.5 x 4 3/4". Medium gauge metal.
Reg. Price $68.00 $29.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
French Wine Sign #Patri
RARE! Imagine our delight when the owners of this Northern France winery (2 hours West of Paris) contacted us with an opportunity to acquire two of these beauties as they updated their signs. Enamel metal--this originally lived on the exterior of the building so it is weatherproof. In very good condition with only minor rusting. Requires bracing for install (wood brace in rear of sign already in place) as this is quite heavy. Measures 7 feet x 3.5 feet.

Picking up? Contact us for special pick-up price: vintageweave@gmail.com France, circa 1930 Ships via freight transport company.

Price $2,150.00
French Sign #LePhenix
Rare! Pretty spectacular. Northern France, circa 1960. Overall measures 23.5 x 20". All original rust-great condition and unique detailing to shape.
Reg. Price $550.00 $470.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
French Sign #Milhard
Authentic French city sign for this small NorthWestern France village. Measures 19 3/4" x 5 x 2". France, circa 1940.
Reg. Price $120.00 $89.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
RARE French Sign Metro Station #Noizay
Sensational antique enamel sign from a metro station stop for the charming, tiny village of Noizay in Indre-et-Loire, adjacent to the Loire Valley of Central France. Measures 59 1/2 x 15 3/4". All original paint/rust; has not been retouched. Six pre-drilled screw holes for hanging. Note: "email" as printed on the lower right means enamel in French.) WE HAVE TWO VINTAGE TRAIN STATION SIGNS FOR THIS VILLAGE STOP as new signs have been installed; you are purchasing one. France, circa 1920.
Reg. Price $725.00 $635.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
French Sign #pelleterie
Fantastic farmhouse residence sign from Normandy, France. Measures 39 1/4 x 5". Metal. France, circa 1920.
Price $425.00
Antique French Speed Sign #40
Vintage road sign measuring 19.5" diam. France, circa 1940.
Reg. Price $225.00 $200.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
L' Ouest Wood Sign - Free Ship
FREE SHIP. RARE and incredible wood sign from the famous French newspaper, L'Ouest Eclair. This was bought at auction near their headquarters in Rennes. An original sign. Measures 31 x 21.5 x 2". Splintered wood on edges indicative of age. Featured page is about the selling of a farm and house Rennes, France, circa 1915.
Reg. Price $525.00 $495.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
French Sign #louesteclairrough
Antique French newspaper sign for L'Ouest Eclair published from 1899 - 1944. All original rust showing the wear and tear of this popular newspaper. Rennes, France. Measures apex 22 x 12.
Reg. Price $150.00 $65.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
French Sign #RICARD
French liqueur brand sign of aluminum metal measuring 37 1/4 x 19". Gently used. Made in France.
Reg. Price $175.00 $148.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
French Newspaper Sign #Ouest France FREE SHIP
FREE SHIP. So delighted to have discovered this sign! Ouest France is a very popular daily newspaper in Northern France. Actual sign from the building replaced by more modern ones recently. This is an authentic antique metal sign, thus indicative of age is shows a lot of marring, bends, wear, but hangs easily and properly. Wear is indicative of the years of being exposed to the elements, which makes it a pretty cool piece. Happy to send a video of needed: vintageweave@gmail.com. Four corner holes where it was originally screwed into building. Measures 47 x 17".

Brittany, France; circa 1940.

Reg. Price $265.00 $210.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
Antique French Sign City Directional #bonnetable
Fantastic and rare city directional sign from Northern France. Measures approx 45 x 39 x 1". Ridged back for easy hanging (use anchors and screws due to weight). All rust original. Really sensational! France, circa 1910.
Price $450.00
Le Pastis Sign #metal
This doesn't translate well in English, but if you speak French, you know how funny this is. If you don't speak French, you'll appreciate the oh-so-French fonts and design! Metal sign measuring 10 x 8". Paris, circa 1950.
Price $75.00

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