Cote Bastide Amber Cream Bulk Soap PAIR
TWO PAIRS AVAILABLE. From Aix en Provence, these 5" soaps in light amber scent and in cream. Bulk; unwrapped. Sold as a pair.
More Details+Price $30.00
Cote Bastide Eglantine Candle
TWO AVAILABLE! Absolutely wonderful, clean linen and rose scent; simple and light. Glass container has all the usual gorgeous packaging details. 6.1 oz. Paraffin wax. Imported-Aix en Provence, France.
Price $60.00
Cote Bastide Exfoliant #vanilla
TWO AVAILABLE. Heavenly oriental vanilla scent. 3.2 oz in glass jar. A little goes a long way! Incredible on the skin! Provence, France.
Price $42.00
Cote Bastide Guest Soap #amber
ONE AVAILABLE. Cote Bastide's popular scent worldwide is now offered in lovely miniguest soap bar size beautifully packaged in a box. Three minis to a box. THIS PURCHASE IS FOR ONE BOX. Imported-Aix en Provence.
Price $42.00
Cote Bastide Guest Soaps on Rope
In delicate Cote Bastide style, eight 2 x 1.5" guest soaps on French Linen String. In China Tea or Mint Tea heavenly scent. So deliciously beautiful! Made in Aix en Provence, France.
Reg. Price $36.00 $30.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
Cote Bastide Jasmine Candle
Price $60.00
Cote Bastide Lait Soap - single
ONE AVAILABLE. From the well-loved French Farmhouse Cote Bastide apothecary is a single bar in light Milk scent. You are purchasing one bar. Provence, France.
Price $16.50
Cote Bastide Lilac Bar Soap (Wrapped
TWO AVAILABLE. Delicate LILAC fragrance in a bar soap, wrapped in signature cream Cote Bastide paper. Measures 3 x 2". 75g; sold individually. Aix en Provence, France.
Price $21.00
Cote Bastide Massage Oil #Lin
THREE AVAILABLE. One of the most popular linen scents! 4oz glass jar. This was the first product for Chanvre/Hemp and smells identical. Sold individually. Made in Provence, France.
Price $42.00
Cote Bastide Oatmeal Soap - Medallion Bulk (Pair)
FOUR PAIRS AVAILABLE. Wonderful scent of Oatmeal and Linen in French triple-milled bar. Bee Medallion on one side/Cote Bastide name on the other. You are purchasing TWO 110 gram unwrapped bars measuring approx 4 x 2 3/4. Imported: France.
More Details+Price $29.00
Cote Bastide Santos Soap
From Provence comes these beautifully wrapped with red string and lightly scented soaps with Maria Montenenero with Child, or Bambino di Praga in red or pink religious cloak. 3.5 x 2.5". Provence, France. NEW.
Reg. Price $30.00 $24.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
Cote Bastide Savon linen bag #guestsoap
Package of four guest soaps (1.5 x 1.5)in a linen bag stamped SAVON by Cote Bastide. Provence, France. New.
Reg. Price $43.00 $30.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
Cote Bastide Seringa Mini Candle
ONE AVAILABLE. Amazing SERINGA scent (Lilly of the Valley and Magnolia) in a mini 3 1/2" burgandy-frosted glass candle. From our friends at Cote Bastide, Aix en Provence, France. New.
Price $24.00
Cote Bastide Soap Trio #holiday
Holiday sale through Dec 20. Trio of Cote Bastide soaps: one butterfly image late (top), one mint chai guest soap (middle), one glycerin clean linen scent (bottom) wrapped with signature CB linen ribbon and lavender sprigs. Holiday special now through Dec 1 or while supplies last. All items made directly in Aix en Provence.
Reg. Price $42.00 $31.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
Cote Bastide Vanilla Soap (100grams)
Heavenly scent of vanilla beans and mist of rain. What a great addition to your bathroom vanity or as a gift: packaged in a gorgeous baroque, delicate French paper. 100grams. Imported-Aix en Provence.
More Details+Price $26.00
Cote Bastide Wheat Bran Soap - BEE Medallion Bulk (Pair)
SOLD OUT. Wonderful scent of Wheat in French triple-milled bar. SMELLS CLEAN!! Two 110grams unwrapped bars measuring approx 4 x 2 3/4. Bee Medallion on one side/Cote Bastide name on the other. Imported: France.
More Details+Price $29.00
Cote Bastide Wrap Soap #ChanvreSOLDOUT
SOLD OUT. Most popular scent in light refreshing linen (chanvre/hemp in a lovely Cote Bastide signature linen wrap and hang tag. Sold individually. Provence, France.
More Details+Price $34.00
Côté Bastide Arabesque Soap
Amazing soap and our new personal favorite. Clean and fresh smelling and simply elegant to look at, with a hint of Orange Blossom. Square with rounded corners and Cote Bastide signature emblem.
More Details+Price $16.50
Côté Bastide Chanvre (HEMP) Exfoliant
ONE AVAILABLE. Bits of hemp seeds make an incredible exfoliant. OUR PERSONAL FAVORITE! Chanvre is Hemp, evoking scents of musk, birch and a little Lilly of the Valley thrown in. Simply heavenly smell!

4 oz glass jar; imported France.

Price $37.00
Côté Bastide Coton Bath Salts
TWO AVAILABLE. Lovely famous Coton et Amande scent from our friends in Aix en Provence, France (Côté Bastide). Boxed bath sea salts, 28 oz. Imported. Sold individually.
Reg. Price $63.00 $55.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
French Monsieur Set
ONE SET LEFT!! Clean-scented Les Secrets D'Antoine by Loathntique. Each set includes three top favorite items: 16.66floz Liquid soap in plastic container, 2.57oz Hand Cream, 100g Soap Bar. Arrives gift wrapped in tulle. New, Peyruis, France.
Reg. Price $72.00 $60.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
French Roll Soap - #2013V
ONE AVAILABLE. Quintessential French countryside! This object is know and cherished by the French: famous soap holder that's fastened directly to the wall in the washroom for hygienic purposes. Metal lovelies from the original cast of those found in schoolhouses and bistros in the early 1920's. Comes with two mounting screws and one natural scented milk soap (not yellow in color but cream). Great for laundry rooms, boats or anywhere you might have tight space or need some French flair! Arrives boxed. Imported: France.
More Details+Price $64.00
French Room Spray #geodesis
One of our cult-following French room sprays from Brittany area, specifically Vannes. 3.5 Fl oz in glass bottle, boxed. Choose from one of four absolutely heavenly scents below. A unique and classy gift from France. Sold individually.
Reg. Price $58.00 $33.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
Heart Marseille Soap ROSE #set2
Delicious-smelling soap made in the traditional way in Marseille. Free of alcohol or fake fragrances, these pure scents are cousins to the traditional block soaps only now shaped into a loving heart. Measures approx 3 x 3.5". You are purchasing a set of two rose scented. Marseille, France.
Price $21.00
Lavender Pillow Mist
Stop the presses! The absolute best and purest lavender oils in a pillow spray form that we've ever tried, used, and loved. Le Chetelard is family owned and made entirely in Provence, France with organic lavender oils. 1.67oz. France, new.
Price $19.00
Les Choses Liquid Hand Soap
Delicate clean scents with effective, non-drying Marseille soap and coconut oil. Organic, free of SLS, paragons, silicons or dyes. In beautiful French font on recyclable PET glass bottle with pump. Refill with whatever hand wash you love and enjoy the packaging for eons! 500ml Lauris, France.
Price $34.00
Marseille Soap - Boxed FiveSOLDOUT
TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT. Straight from Marseille, France comes a lovely set of soaps made in the traditional way since the 1800's. Each boxed set includes one 150gram of each fragrance: Lavender, Lavender exfoliant, Rose, Passion Fruit, Almond. Imported: France.
Price $36.00
Marseille Soap OLIVE UNSCENTED 300gram
SOLD OUT. Welcome a bit of the French Countryside into your home with these Marseille Soap Cubes. A fantastic traditionally-French aesthetic for your home!

These dedicated master soapmakers have been carrying on this tradition in the city of Marseille for generations.

300g; you are purchasing one. Marseille, France.

Price $12.00
Medical Set #four
RARE set of four packaged gauze and bandage packages all in original condition. Very good condition. Such a unique set for behind a bathroom cabinet. As the paper is old, it's recommended behind a glass cabinet to preserve longevity. One of the rarest sets we've come across in all of our travels. Largest measures 8" L. France, circa early 1930's.
Reg. Price $150.00 $69.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
Quintessence Scented Tubes (s) #nerac
ONE BOX LEFT. Incredibly creative from the Paris-based Quintenseence, these plastic tubes scented with wonderful clean linen scent, Nérac. Uses: line suitcase, linen closet, drawers, etc. A highly elegant gift in a black noir box that opens like a drawer. Tubes will not melt and last approximately 36 months. In fresh woodsy, cedar scent. Paris, France.
Reg. Price $69.00 $49.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
Quintessence - Drawer Liner Sheets
EIGHT AVAILABLE. Based in the heart of Paris proper, Quintessence drawer liner sheets are made using the finest French oils. Quality beyond quality in heavenly linen scent. Ten sheets Papiers de soie. A personal favorite to line lingerie and linen drawers! Presented in an elegant black box. New-Paris.
Reg. Price $69.00 $49.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
Savon de Marseille Soap LAVENDER 300Gram

The bits of Lavender Hulls provide a wonderful exfoliation all the while engulfing you in the heavenly scent. These dedicated master soapmakers have been carrying on this tradition in the city of Marseille, France, for generations. Approx 2 3/4" sq.

More Details+Price $13.00
Mom's Day Cote Bastide #pkgA
TWO SETS AVAILABLE. Valentine Gift made easy. Set includes glorious massage oil in light clean linen scent, light milk and powder scented bar soap, glitter heart card (blank inside). Wrapped in cello, surrounded by read dried roses. We recommend washing with the soap, followed by a heavenly massage. Cote Bastide bath products, Aix en Provence, France.
Price $58.00
Mom's Day Cote Bastide #pkgB21
ONE PACKAGE LEFT! Valentine Gift made easy (items sold separately equate to $225). Set includes glorious Chanvre (hemp/clean light scent) Bubble Bath, Chanvre Eau Toilette for after bath, and Chanvre Bath Oil to add few drops to bath for moisturizing, Also a Cote Bastide light milk and powder scented bar of soap, custom French fabric lavender sachet, and a glitter heart card (blank inside. Wrapped in cello, surrounded by read dried roses. Cote Bastide bath products, Aix en Provence, France.
Price $189.00
Cote Bastide Lait Set #21a
THREE SETS AVAILABLE. We gathered our favorite Lait (light scented, nourishing milk bar) from Cote Bastide: bar soap, guest soaps in muslin bag, and single boxed signature mini soap, and paired it with a Provence-made linen hand soap in glass pump. This is sold as a set as shown, wrapped in cello with dried roses for the asking. Made in Provence.
Price $98.00
Cote Bastide Heart Set #pnk
ONE AVAILABLE THIS STYLE. Cote Bastide Bambino Saint wrapped soap (3 1/2 x 2 1/2"; cross image on saint) with a custom French fabric, lavender-filled sachet. You are purchasing exact set shown. Soap: made in Provence, France.
Price $45.00
Cote Bastide Heart Set #red
ONE AVAILABLE THIS STYLE. Cote Bastide Bambino Saint wrapped soap (3 1/2 x 2 1/2"; cross image on saint) with a custom French fabric, lavender-filled sachet. You are purchasing exact set shown. Soap: made in Provence, France.
Price $45.00
FG Queen Card with Soap Duo
Choose your card with Cote Bastide duo of popular soaps, wrapped as shown with linen ribbon. High quality hard stock card adorned with beautiful and removable 1" Austrian crystal jewelry pin. This is a costume jewelry item. Ample area on back to write greeting. Comes with attached ribbon to adorn a package or gift as is; no envelope. Measures approx 5 x 7". From FG & Co. Sold as a set of two: soap package and card. Choose below. (Cards are also sold separately individually and on sale.)
Reg. Price $53.50 $30.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
French Lavender Exfoliant Set #duo
THREE SETS LEFT! Both made in France, organic lavender exfoliant soap (8.4oz) and heart-shaped Marseille soap with bit of lavender hulls. Arrives wrapped in cello surrounded by lavender hulls.
Price $33.00
Cote Bastide Amber Set
ONE SET LEFT! Two-piece set of Cote Bastide amber-scented product: 1) muslin bag of bath salts and 2) signature box of three 1.5"square guest soaps. Together this duo is wrapped in a cello bag with signature Cote Bastide linen ribbon ready for gift giving (even if to yourself!). Provence, France. New.
Reg. Price $76.00 $69.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
Cote Bastide Lait Lotion #4
LAST ONE AVAILABLE. From Provence is a glass bottle of the highly-popular milk / Lait scent in a lotion. 4 fluid oz. Cote Bastide, Aix en Provence, France. New.
Price $40.00
French Sign #sallebain
ONE AVAILABLE. French bathroom sign. Measures 12 1/2 x 6 1/4". Enamel with pre-drilled holes. New.
Reg. Price $69.00 $54.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!

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