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There are very few things that ease the mind better than gardening and then enjoying a glass of wine al fresco soaking in the fruits of your labor!
Wire Mini Urn - Cream
TWO AVAILABLE. Great little reproduction urn modeled after those found in European Gardens. 10 x 6". Treated metal to prevent rusting. Suitable for indoor/outdoor. Will age in paint over time. New.
Price $40.00
French Pitch Pot
FOUR AVAILABLE. Our most favorite item! These crusty old clay pots are no longer to be found in any part of France as all the dealers have scooped them up. They adorn every part of our own yard. Our antique collection is extremely limited so order today if you desire an authentic piece of France in your garden. Approx 4-5" top diameter x 5-6" H
Price $55.00
English Antique Rose Marker - Classic
Fabulous weathered zinc markers created for rose varieties. From an English antique dealer's collection. Overall 11" long; marker measures approx 2.5 x 1.5". Deep cleaning will reveal a blackened marker covered by aged patina (shown as example in the center marker). These come to you with the patina only time well spent in a garden can create. SOLD INDIVIDUALLY. England, circa 1910.
Price $40.00
English Antique Rose Marker - Large
Fabulous weathered zinc markers, created for rose varieties. From an English antique dealer's collection. Overall 13" long; marker measures approx 4 x 1 3/4". Deep cleaning will reveal a blackened marker covered by aged patina (example in the center marker). These come to you with the patina only time well spent in a garden can create. Sold individually. England, circa 1910.
Price $45.00
Chalkboard Scallop Sign - Small Set 2
Mini metal signs with slight chic flair. Actual sign measures 5 x 3"; overall length with pick is 8". Thin metal forged from one piece. Chalk washes off VERY easily with no residue found on some chalk painted woods. Set of 2.
Price $20.00
Chalkboard Scallop Sign - Large Set 2
Mini metal signs with slight chic flair. Actual sign measures 6 x 3 3/4"; overall length with pick is 14". Thin metal forged from one piece. Chalk washes off VERY easily with no residue found on some chalk painted woods. Set of 2.
Price $26.00
French Zinc Watering Can #blue
ONE AVAILABLE. Fabulously dented here and there showing all kinds of love, but it's the hint of blue that makes this so unique. We don't know why there's blue but would like to image that the French owner was working on a wonderful home project at his/her magical French Farmhouse and dropped some paint along the way. Given age, this does drip water so if using for a vase, place a glass inside. Measures approx 13 x 17". France, circa 1930.
Price $118.00
French Enamel Pitcher #white15
Lovely old beauty in classic white with unique double ribbed band. Holds water; no holes but rust spots along bottom indicative of age. 15 H x 8". France, circa 1915's.
Price $126.00
St Tropez Folding Chairs #single
ONE AVAILABLE; SOLD INDIVIDUALLY. Discovered at a roadside flea market in St Tropez, these beauties have original peeling white paint. Fair condition-no broken wood slats and each folds perfectly; not sturdy enough to stand. I mainly used them as planter displays for a set design, BUT can be sat upon just not long periods. We recommend for display. Overall measures 30"H x 16.5 x 15"; seat measures 15 x 14 1/4". YOU ARE PURCHASING THE LAST ONE AVAILABLE. France, early 1900's.
Reg. Price $130.00 $68.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
Round Garden Basket #AG
THREE AVAILABLE. Fabulous for the garden or holding fruit in the kitchen with it's elegant pedestal design. Sturdy metal is hand rubbed therefore variations in metal coloring adding to the unique patina. Powder Coated for indoor/outdoor use, however we recommend applying spray can of NO RUST (matte finish) to preserve the color. Measures 14.5 diam (with a 7" interior base) x 7" H. New.
Price $135.00
Marble Flower Pot - Large
FOUR LEFT! Classy and sophisticated. Hole in bottom of marble pot and three felt rounds to prevent scratches on any surface pots are placed upon. Measures approximately 6 H x 6".
Price $94.00
Outdoor Pillow Set 5
Classy and luxurious outdoor fabric fashioned into pillows. Fabric from Silk Trading Company is Los Angeles and used in a set design so some minor wear from use. Machine washable; line dry.. Hidden Zipper. Set includes two 21" pillows and three 16" pillows.
Reg. Price $515.00 $240.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
Industrial Stand #onetier
ONE LEFT! Fantastic and out-of-the-ordinary stands which we've placed in bakeries and patisseries. Metal wheel base (some rust, all natural) and glass round 1/8" thick and sturdy. Measures 15" diam x 5" H. Ships well-packed boxes via UPS Ground.
Price $250.00
Zinc Pot #5inPLAIN
SEVEN AVAILABLE; sold individually. NO PLANTS INCLUDED. Darling zinc pot ready to get on a beautiful patina; some have already started to turn with bits of artistically woven rust and white. No holes. Does not come with plant. Measures 5 x 3/14". You are purchasing one.
Price $12.00
Red Hydrangea Stems #set7
Set of seven faux stems with 6" red blooms and 24" wrapped stem portion (bendable). Slight glitter on leaves ad blooms. Purchased for a set design but tv show got cancelled before use. New; one set of seven. Urn sold separately.
Reg. Price $112.00 $60.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
Antique Water Pitcher #copper
Antique brass metal pitcher with wonderful verdigris turning in spots and unique detailing around bottom base. Wear indicative of age. Intact handle; no holes. Approx 11 3/4H x 9 1/2W". France, circa early 1940's.
Price $65.00
Faux Succulent Arrangement
Fantastic faux plants succulent arrangement in black tureen, finished on all sides. Overall measures approx 16 L x 12 W x 11"H. Variety of faux plants. From a Hallmark set design; gently used.
Reg. Price $190.00 $160.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
Scroll Garden Stake
ONE LEFT! Vintage Garden Scroll Art rusted cast iron measuring overall 12" H x 7"W. Portion above ground once placed in dirt is 8" (see second photo). Circa 1950.
Price $74.00
Mini French Bottle Carrier #6mini
TWO AVAILABLE. Mini bottle carrier is fabulous for small bottles of rose wine or as a flower holder as shown. Each bottle measures approx 4 x 2 1/2 and comes with a cork stopper. No chips. Overall carrier is 7 1/2 L x 5 W x 6" H which includes the wood-capped handle. You are purchasing one carrier and six bottles.
Reg. Price $69.00 $63.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
Concrete DoveSOLD OUT
SOLD OUT. Not old, but a fantastic reproduction of a Mourning Dove, a backyard favorite. Measures 10 L x 7.5"H. Concrete and plaster.
Price $59.00
Wire Wrapped Demi Jon #15
ONE AVAILABLE. END OF YEAR SALE! Chicken wire-wrapped clear glass wine bottle measuring 15H x 9Diam". No chips or cracks. Water safe if wanted to use as a vase.
Reg. Price $169.00 $118.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
Yellow Flower Bucket #fleur
Vintage flower bucket measuring 13". Original rust throughout. No holes per se, but is vintage so may leak a bit; we suggest placing in a plastic cup or vase if using freshly cut flowers. France, circa 1960.
Price $42.00
Fleur de Lis Tin Planter
ONE LEFT. New tin planter with no holes and attached handle. Heavy duty, not flimsy. Measures approx 9L x 5W x 9H.
Price $36.00
Vintage Birdhouse #pink FS
One-of-a-kind, you will not find this in a catalog. Measures 14Deep x 11Wide x 9H". All recycled materials. Usable and a welcome garden addition! Circa early 1960's. Free ground shipping to Continental US; all others shall receive a ship credit.
Reg. Price $146.00 $110.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
Upcycled Wine Crate #fleur19
LAST ONE! Sold individually. We took several French wine crates and upcycled them into storage solutions or turn into an herb planter (line first with landscape cloth). Patina like crazy but no holes. Fleur de lis on both wider sides. Wine merchant stamp on one thinner side. Herbs not included. Measures 19 1/2 L x 13 W x 9H".
Price $52.00
Antique French Cherub Planter #grnSOLD
SOLD. Quite rare concrete planter measuring 19" H x 11" Diam. Cherubs on all sides. Chips and worn indicative of age. Ships in a crated box via UPS. Paris, circa 1860.
Price $669.00
French Produce Crate #champyrSOLD
TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT. Choose one of the available styles. Great for raised beds (see our Instagram), storage and as risers for catering! Measures approx 21 1.2 x 14 x 11.5H". You are purchasing one; note our Farmers Fruit Crate is on the very top to show scale of both. France, circa 1940-1960.
Price $125.00
Confit Jug #Mbrwn
EIGHT AVAILABLE. French stoneware confit jugs. No holes or cracks. Suitable for non-porous foods. Medium measures approx 3 1/4 x 3 1/4".You are purchasing the exact one in photo. Plants not included. France, circa 1930.
Price $58.00
Antique Olive Jar #stone
ONE AVAILABLE. Antique French Olive Jar with original cork stopper. Stoneware. No cracks or holes. A beautiful addition to a kitchen or garden. As these are authentically old, we do not recommend using for olive oil storage. 16H x 11.5 Wide. France, circa 1880.
Price $615.00
Wood Urn Vase #CREAM
ONE AVAILABLE. Spectacular wood urn with a patina that harkans back to the ancient world with mostly white and cream patina As these are wood they are not water safe. Measures approx 11H x 9.5"W. Sold individually.
Reg. Price $225.00 $188.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
Fleur de Lis Terra Cotta Tile #single
Who doesn't love a chippy, Paris garden treasure? Vintage terra cotta tile. Raised image of Fleur is surprisingly in perfect condition, and tile top left has chipping. Measures 7 1/2" square. Paris, circa 1950.
Price $44.00
Rose Gate Remnant #castSOLD
SOLD OUT. What an incredible addition to the garden or home. Cast iron gate remnant with fantastic rose detail in center. Weighted solid cast iron measuring 22 x 32 1/2"H. Paris, France, circa early 1940's. (We also have a sister piece that has a 9" metal protrusion coming off the side; email for details:
Price $240.00
File Boxes
CHOOSE BELOW. Old single file boxes which we like to epicycle into a succulent or herb planter. To prevent burning of the roots, we recommend lining with landscape cloth first, which we provide with each order. Approx 11 x 5". Choose below. One available: wood; Three available: blue metal. Circa 1940.
Price $43.00
Antique French Confit Olive Pot #12oc
TWO AVAILABLE; sold individually. Antique French Olive vessels with wear and tear and age lines which do not impede beauty or use. Handles on pots are fully intact with no chips. These are substantial (approx 10 lbs) measuring 12.5 x 11". You are purchasing one. France, circa early 1900's.
Price $420.00
Antique European Doughbowl #36 SOLDOUT
SOLD OUT; more arriving soon. Fabulous size for display, plants, or a sensational presentation of food feasting (line with parchment if using with food without skin). Measures 36 x 16 x 8 Deep". Europe, circa 1940
Price $495.00
Planter #machineparts
A vintage machine parts organizer can make a really cool planter! Wood with metal bracing. Overall measures 34" with three 9" sections. No holes so if planting directly inside, line with landscape cloth first. It's just such a unique piece; see additional photos. circa 1950
Price $43.00
Metal Star
ONE AVAILABLE. Cast Iron metal star used on a set design. Natural patina and all points completely intact. Measures 9".
Price $26.00
Antique Orangina CrateSOLDOUT
SOLD OUT. Where are my fellow fans of the popular French drink, Orangina? A rare find from a Paris flea market excursion. Measures 20.5 L x 10.5 W x 6.5"H. Two carved out handles on each side and reinforced with metal brackets; all original. If using as planter, line with thick landscape trash bag or landscape cloth and basket liner to prevent wood from water logging. Plants not included. Paris, circa 1930.
Price $148.00
French Garden Gate Remnant #7
ONE AVAILABLE. Antique French Gate Remnant discovered just outside Paris. Measures overall 39 1/2 x 23". Seven Fleur de lis rungs with two missing thus reflected in the price. Very Sturdy metal. France, circa 1940.
Price $195.00
White Water Pail #fleur with handle
ONE AVAILABLE - ON LEFT. White enamelware with original worn wood handle; image on one side. No holes, some interior staining, some exterior rust. Waterproof. Measures approx 12 x 12H" (We are offering separately one without a handle, interior rust thus not waterproof, and more exterior rust.) France, circa 1940.
Price $89.00
White Water Pail #fleur NO handle
ONE AVAILABLE. White enamelware without handle; image on one side. No holes per se, but one rust spot on bottom which makes it not waterproof. We recommend adding a vase or mason jar if using water for flowers. Interior staining, some exterior rust. Measures approx 12 x 12H". See additional photos; the third photo is a close up of this exact pail. (We are offering separately one wit a handle and waterproof.) France, circa 1940.
Price $75.00
Antique Birdhouse #white FS
One-of-a-kind, you will not find this in a catalog. Measures 11 Deep x 12Wide x 12H". All recycled materials. Usable and a welcome garden addition! Circa early 1940's. Free ground shipping to Continental US; all others shall receive a ship credit.
Reg. Price $165.00 $116.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!
Vintage French Locker Basket #zinc
TWO AVAILABLE; you are purchasing one. Fantastic vintage metal locker baskets from Central Paris, France. Each slightly different. Left measures 12 x 11 x 8H; Right measures 13 x 11 x 8H". Zinc metal which means they won't rust when left outside should you choose to use to organize gardening tools. No missing or broken rungs. These two have been living outdoors for a good 25 years. France, circa 1960.
Price $68.00
Parisian Garden Planter Vase #moss
Absolutely lovely moss garden vase (no holes) with hint of fainted pink scroll design. Measures 13". Resign. No chips. France, circa 1980.
Price $59.00
Antique Green Planter #28
Crazy for green and this slightly distressed is a beauty! Antique French Green planter of wood holder and metal base. Some peeling paint in all the right places. Measures 28 1/2H x 11W. No broken rungs. Circa 1950.
Price $228.00
Zinc Heart XL
LAST ONE! Crafted from a vintage metal zinc band around a wine barrel, these XL hearts live beautifully outside as well as in. As these are formed by hand, this is not a perfectly shaped heart as you can see from photos; we believe this adds to their uniqueness. Measures 24 x 13".
Price $78.00
French Enamel Pitcher #white11
Lovely old beauty in classic white. Holds water; no holes but rust spots along bottom indicative of age. 11 x 7" H. France, circa 1915's.
Price $75.00
Antique French Pots #2 SET OF FOUR
ELEVEN SETS AVAILABLE. Antique French Pots - Set of four - from Paris are wonderful little pops of terra cotta. Perfect for succulents and comes as shown ready for gift giving with a Lavender Sachet. Each is authentic so expect some imperfections such as small chips and staining. We only ship those which are usable; these are geared towards those who love well-worn patina and authenticity. One set of four; Drainage holes. 2 to 3" H. France, circa early 1900's.
Price $50.00
Antique French Lavender Cutter
Quite old, this French lavender cutter was used on a lavender farm outside Aix in Provence, France. Metal cutter attached to wood handle. Worm holes on handle which lends to the beauty of an old relic. See it in use in second photo! Measures 16" L. France, early 1920's.
Price $36.00
Antique Harvest Basket #patisserie
Antique French harvest basket. Measures 16L x 9 1/2W x 10 1/2 basket H (or 18"H overall with handles). In very good condition, normal wear indicative of age. Handles completely intact. Very usable. Normandy, France circa 1920
Price $158.00
Paris Flower Cart #whiteSOLD
SOLD. Darling and rare metal with working wheels from a Paris flower shop. Measures 30 x 17 x 28 H" Paris, circa 1930.
Price $695.00
Bonne Fete Holiday Vases #single
SIX AVAILABLE TO SHIP IMMEDIATELY (more available with one week's lead time; SOLD INDIVIDUALLY. Multiple purpose vintage vases! Perfect for ANY holiday as Bonne Fete translates to "Happy Holiday". Measures 4H x 2 1/4"W. Special pricing for orders of 6 or more. Super large orders: France, 1980.
Price $24.00

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