Ceiling Chandelier #model11SOLD
Ceiling Chandelier #model11SOLD
Ceiling Chandelier #model11SOLD 1
Ceiling Chandelier #model11SOLD 2
Ceiling Chandelier #model11SOLD 3

Ceiling Chandelier #model11SOLD

$425.00  $155.00 On Sale, Lucky Dog!You Save
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Ceiling Chandelier #model11SOLD More Details

SOLD SOLD SOLD BLOWOUT SALE from a set design. Beautiful design for ceiling mount fashioned from vintage pieces. As these were recently used in a set design, there ARE A FEW MISSING GLASS PARTS. This is gorgeous and custom made, but NOT IN PERFECT CONDITION as reflected in the incredible price. If you want an absolutely perfect fixture, this one is not for you. Missing one row of crystals which we feel does not impede integrity or loveliness. Vintage parts combined, circa 1920-1970. Measures 11 1/2" diam x 9" NOTE: some of the crystal wires may come undone in transit. You will need to VERY easily reattach using fingers, tweezers, or a jewelry pliers. (We mostly use our fingers!) This is not deemed broken. In last photo, this one is on right.
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