VP - Custom Down Feather Tester

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Code Name: "P.D. Pastis" (pronounced Petey Pastis).

We initially met this little boy via a shared photo from friends at a local animal shelter and decided we would donate some Vintageweave funds toward getting him fixed so that he might have a better chance of being adopted. Money could not be donated over the phone so we had to go in. They offered to let us meet him and he immediately jumped on my lap and closed his eyes...all 4 lbs of him. When they informed that his time was up and he was going to put down that evening, I promptly yelled: "Where do I sign the papers to take him home?". He's been a lover ever since.

PLEASE RESCUE YOUR NEXT ANIMAL! Many, many loving shelters, animal rescues and foster homes have loving pets waiting for your hearts…our local favorites are Amanda Foundation, Baldwin Animal Shelter, Whiskers and Wags. A portion of Vintageweave's monthly net sales go to helping to save a life or four. xxoo

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