The Tip Jar

From The Tip Jar, "Forever Young", May 6, 2005:

If there’s one thing you can do to make mom feel good this Mother’s Day, it’s showing her how young she still is.

As much as she loves celebrating the gift of having children, it’s another reminder of how she’s not one anymore. So finding her something that represents beauty and comes from an era even older than hers would be just the perfect thing to make her feel even younger than she already is. Vintageweave Interiors is a newly opened boutique in Hollywood that’s filled with antique cake pedestals, apothecary jars and urns from the early 1900’s, hand-carved candelabras and jewelry boxes reminiscent of 1920’s Hollywood.

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  • Vintageweave Interiors
  • 7928 West Third Street
  • Los Angeles, CA 90048
  • 323.932.0451